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If you haven’t completely sworn off of New Years Resolutions, this week you might be thinking of some things you’d like to do more of (or less of) in 2019.

Diet and exercise are always popular, but we think there are some other ways to make your life richer (and more exciting) in the year ahead. Get some inspiration here for a better year with everything from fool-proof beginner winners to some real challenges only the most disciplined should attempt.


Give More

Christmas time is a season of giving, but year’s end is a great time to make a giving plan for the coming year. Make your year better by donating on a monthly basis to a deserving charity like the North Texas Food Bank. Better still, schedule some time each month (or every week) to give your time to a group like Metroport Meals on Wheels or Operation Kindness. Whether you give in big ways or small, being a part of something bigger than yourself is a great way to keep your year looking up all year long.


Laugh More

If you don’t feel ready to tackle those health-related resolutions, you can still add more smiles to your year and get some bonus health benefits — with laughter. Check out the upcoming schedule at a comedy club like Backdoor Comedy club. If you want to take it a step further and make some funnies yourself, Dallas Comedy House has free open mic nights on Tuesdays. Get on the list and get your friends to come laugh at you — for free! They also offer classes to get you ready and take your act to the next level.


Move More

Ah, the dreaded exercise resolution. No need to torture yourself with promises to spend hours a day in the gym. You can try something fun like learning aerial silks at Moxie Mischief. Sometimes shaking up your routine is all you need to get moving on those fitness goals. Speaking of moving, if you prefer to keep both feet on the ground, look for an area walking club to join. Dallas Trekkers Walking Club hosts six to eight events a year, and can also help you connect with other walking groups throughout DFW.


Get Out More

Being outside offers health benefits even when you aren’t really challenging yourself physically. Ambling around the Trinity Audubon Center or any of the nature centers around DFW can give your spirits a lift any time of year. When the year starts weighing on you, getting out of town can have great benefits too. Plan a fun trip to look forward to and enjoy — maybe check out one of these places you can visit on a single tank of gas.


Eat Better

With a renewed focus on health and fitness, you might be thinking about ways to eat better. Start small by adding healthier foods to your diet, and plan for challenging times by keeping fresh foods on hand. Look to places like My Fit Foods for help with a customized eating plan or Freshii for meals that taste better and are better for you than fast food.

A new year is also a great time to expand your horizons. Try a new kind of restaurant for your next trip out. Sure, DFW does barbecue and beef like no other city, but maybe 2019 is the year you should taste something Moroccan at Souk or Mediterranean at Luna Grill.


Read More

While you broaden your horizons on the food front, you can also take the opportunity to indulge your curiosity and expand your mind. You’ll find lots of bookish entertainment at places like Deep Vellum bookstore and The Wild Detectives. Kick it up a notch and join the Dallas Theater Center Book Club for a year of great literary events.


Get Organized

Maybe your resolution is more about your surroundings than yourself. If you need to get organized, start the year with a trip to The Container Store and tackle that mess in your kitchen, closet, garage, or all of the above. Maybe this is the year to call in professional help. Businesses like Get Organized can help make purging less painful.


Learn Something New

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If the past few years have found you falling into a rut, you might want to try something so new you’ve never done it before. A class can be a great way to sample a new hobby or interest. Creative commons like Oil and Cotton are flourishing in Dallas, and you can find all kinds of classes to unleash your inner artist. Maybe you’d like to a try a one-time afternoon or evening cooking class, like those offered at Central Market Cooking School. If a different kind of salsa suits you, you can learn some moves at Studio 22.


Face Your Fears

If you want to make this the year you face your fears, DFW has lots of options. Head to the geodeck on top of Reunion Tower to look around, or opt for a fear-defying ride at Zero Gravity. If a bigger adventure is more your style, schedule a jump at Skydive Spaceland Dallas.


Follow Your Dreams

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We can’t think of a better resolution than to follow your dreams. Whatever your situation was in 2018, leave it behind and make the impossible possible in 2019. DFW can always use more fashion models, designers, and entrepreneurs. The sky is the limit for chefs who can start their first career or discover a new one at El Centro College’s Culinary Arts Program.

Dallas is often a stop on audition tours for The Voice, or if you want to start small, look for open mic nights around town. With dozens of sports venues around, your dream of singing the national anthem for a huge event can become a reality.

Even if you’re not all about the glamor and attention, your dream of becoming an accountant or a construction supervisor is just as important and well within reach. DFW is the land of opportunity, and whatever your dreams, we’re rooting for you to bring them to life in 2019!

By Kristina Rowe, NewsCastic