10 Secrets to Keeping a Youthful (and Glowing) Appearance

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By Azure Arther, NewsCastic

Myths and legends about the fountain of youth and immortality have always fascinated us. We’re in love with vampires, the ageless and forever young. We are fascinated with the beautiful: the Hollywood actresses, music icons, and models. We want to be them, be like them, be as timeless as them, but we often don’t go as far as many of our favorite stars do.

The secrets of maintaining youthful skin are easy, but everything worth something requires effort.

Here are a few helpful tips we’ve compiled to help you keep that youthful appearance:

Make Every Day Count

How we treat our bodies can prevent, and in some instances, reverse aging. Quitting smoking does wonders for the skin, as does more natural aspects, such as drinking enough water, and making sure we eat right. Processed foods, toxic substances, and emotional health all affect your skin. Eating right will give your body the energy to create new cells, and new cells mean a fresher look. Relaxation and exercise can also ease the tension in your appearance. Want to look better and feel better? Then live better.

Take Care of Your Skin


All of the healthy options in the world sometimes just don’t make the cut, but a combination of a microdermabrasian and chemical peel has been known to revitalize your skin. A microdermabrasian is a noninvasive form of exfoliation. The procedure removes dead skin with mild exfoliation by gently brushing away the outermost layer of your dermis. Fine lines, wrinkles, and blemishes are softened, clogged pores are cleared out, and the results is the reveal of vibrant and healthy new skin cells that take years off of your previously dull appearance.

On the other hand, chemical peels are a bit more aggressive. For some, this procedure’s reputation has been damaged by horror stories of chemical burns and scarring. However, the staff at most reputable offices can be researched, and most have a reputation for excellence. In the end, chemical peels are a way of resurfacing your skin with dramatic results. Not only are scarring, wrinkles, and dark spots reduced, but skin tonality issues and roughness are blasted away.

Fill In the Lines

Nothing looks better than filling in wrinkles. Young people rarely have creases or sagging skin, so an obvious part of a youthful appearance is the lack of lines on your face. Botox can fill in those telltale marks that age your otherwise perfect face.

Opinions, Opinions

The battle between Dysport and Botox is the same epic warfare we’ve seen between Pepsi and Coke. Are they the same? Chemically, pretty much. Though as with the clash of the colas, customers prefer one over the other. The fact is, Dysport has greater variability in the size of its molecules than Botox. What does this mean? That the injection may fill wrinkles a bit more than Botox. However, Botox has years of experience on Dysport, and the actual findings on one versus the other is pretty new. The fact remains, as with Botox, that Dysport can soften those frown lines, minimize those crows feet, and revitalize your features.

Burn Some Fat

Yes, we all know, we already said it: We need to exercise, but in this day and age, who has time for it? And when you make time, who has time to wait for results? We want our results now! This is where lipotropic injections come in.

A lipotropic injection is a mix of lipotropic nutrients that contain fat burning compounds your body is either lacking or, uh, severely lacking. Combined with diet and exercise, these injections aid in weight loss at a more rapid rate than what you would normally achieve. Since each person’s threshold is different, the results do not have a definitive amount, but the shots definitely have a following and testimonials.

Fight Sun Damage

IPL Photo Facial is photorejuvenation with the use of intense pulsations of light that penetrate deep into your skin. The light basically causes the collagen and blood vessels to constrict, which reduces redness, age lines, and sun damage (ironic, huh?). The benefits appear gradually over a period of a few weeks so every day, you wake up looking even better than you did yesterday.

Ditch the Razor

Nothing is more obvious about age than those telltale gray or silver hairs, or in the case of some women, the chin hairs that magically sprout overnight as the years go by. The worst part is that hair removal sucks. There’s no way around it. There’s the tedium, the mess, the dull razors and tweezers, and every other option of DIY ways of getting rid of those pesky hairs. Then there’s laser hair removal.

The process of removing unwanted hair using laser pulsation to eliminate the hair follical has been in existence for a few decades now, and the effects, benefits, and procedures just keep getting better. As this practice has become an accepted procedure in the dermatological community, more clinics have learned the in and outs of handling hair removal. This works for your benefit since laser hair removal lasts a lot longer than a shave.

Make Your Makeup Permanent

Sometimes aging affects us in weird ways. Though Botox and Dysport can make your lips fuller, the fact of the matter is, if you have smaller lips, they’re just going to be full, small lips. With permanent cosmetics or permanent make up, officially known as intradermal pigmentation, you never again have to line your lips before applying lipstick. Why draw on the perfect brow when you can just wake up with perfection? Why do your eyeliner, when you can just have it always done? This free hand procedure applies micro insertions of pigments just under the skin. Basically it’s a make up tattoo that allows you to always have your best foot forward, whether you had time to do your make up or not.

A Man’s Man

Men often feel older than they look, or look older than they feel. Attitude is everything, and if that’s adage is true, the energy to act how you feel is paramount. Some men feel older, not because they have aged, but because their hormone levels are deficient. Hormone therapy can help re-energize strength levels, sex drive, and increase your body’s drive,all of which will likely promote weight loss.

Keep a Good Attitude


It is hard to believe, but definitely true that looking younger often has to do with attitude. If you’re unhappy or stressed, you’re more likely to create more frown lines. Though the age old saying that it takes more muscles to frown than smile is unproven, the fact is, we all know frown lines look worse. Dealing with staff that makes you feel good and look good can improve your attitude, which in turn will improve your looks. It’s a circular truth!

Bonus Tip: Use Science to Help Get Over the Plateau

iLipo Laser Lipolysis at Total Med Solutions

Want to keep that youthful appearance? If traditional weight loss isn’t working and you’re having issues with specific areas on your body, you may want to consider iLipo Laser Lipolysis.

The out-patient procedure is available through Total Med Solutions in Dallas and Plano. iLipo Laser Lipolysis is one of the most advanced cellulite reduction technology on the market. It works by emitting low levels of laser energy, which send signals to the fat cells stored in the body. This signal, in turn, breaks down the fat cells. Triglycerides found in those fat cells are then converted into fatty acids and glycerol — energy.

So not only are you shaping your body, but you’re gaining energy while doing so — energy you can put toward living a healthier (and youthful) life.

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