10 Delicious Reasons DFW Spends More Money at Bars & Restaurants Than Any Other City

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By Kate Morgan, NewsCastic

In Dallas, as statistics show, we really like to eat and drink. Not just a little. A lot. Perhaps even a lot, lot.

According to the Washington Post, as elaborated upon by an article that appeared last year in the Biz Beat Blog, we are “the booziest metropolitan area” included in an entire survey.

That’s kind of a big deal. We must really like our sauce.

So why do we spend so much when we eat and drink? We . . . don’t actually know. But here are ten moderately-educated guesses.


There’s a steep excise tax on alcohol.

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You’d think that there would be more protest about this. But sadly, when it comes to vices, taxation is often not questioned as rigorously as it should be.


We have a lot of restaurants. Seriously a metric buck-ton.

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We probably don’t actually have the most restaurants per capita, but there are over 6,000 of restaurants within a 30-minute drive from central Dallas according to a white paper that quotes the National Restaurant association.

Eating at them all? Yes. Absolutely. Challenge accepted.


There are really a lot of great chefs.




Seriously so many. Sometimes they even win awards.


The restaurants often actually give back, seeing themselves as part of the overall city culture.

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I mean, why else would we even have restaurant week? It’s for the greater good people. For the greater good.


We really like to spend. We might actually be projected to spend a little more this year.

Projected forecasts for 2016 include sales in Lone Star state reaching $52.4 billion, increasing 3.8%. That’s a lot more food for a state that supposedly has a depressed energy economy.


We’re holding steady at an obesity rate of about 30%. Someone’s gotta be feeding us.

Or at least according to some people. Turns out we might actually be getting even fatter. But you probably shouldn’t have a salad. Turns out that’s actually making it all worse, unless it’s maybe mostly made of lettuce and meat.

Loving our bodies as we work through this though is really the only way to go.


Mary Lambert – Body Love (Part 1 & 2)

We just eat out more. It’s likely cultural.

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One of our friends had the genius idea of creating a dinner club for our group as an excuse to see more of each other. Each couple would pick a month of this year to host. My husband and I picked February and had the privilege to host our group of 10 last night. We chose @proof.and.pantry for our location and could not have been more pleased! HUGE shout out to @imbibemartensen and his team for accommodating and putting up with us! 💃🏻🍷🍾 They put together a special Italian dinner menu with wine pairings for us and it could not have been more delicious and perfect. It will definitely go down as one of the most fun parties we've ever had! Food pics are comin! #proofandpantry #socialdinnerclub #dinnerparty #dallasfood

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Sunday brunch. Sunday dinner. Monday snack. Taco Tuesday. Omnomnomnom. We could maybe do this less, but really enjoy it when we do. Or not. It’s a personal decision.


There are just so many dishes to try.

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We’re fond of Tex-Mex, but we also have a rich cultural heritage, lots of fusion food, and are not short on excellent statewide chains. Whatever you want, we’ve probably got it.


There are just too many cool delivery apps ready to bring it all to us.

We’ve come a long way since Entrees on Trays and GrubHub. And that’s really good. But just because you’re already spending a lot doesn’t mean you get to cut back in some areas. Be kind.


We’ve got a lot of great beer.

We’ve got so many microbrews someone had to go and power rank them. That’s a pretty serious undertaking. Some really good ones aren’t even on the list.


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