10 Baby Naming Trends You Could Only Find in Dallas Fort Worth

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By Hillary Juster, NewsCastic


Certain baby naming trends are the same everywhere you go in the U.S. The data from the Social Security Office shows that nationwide in 2014 the number 1 boy’s name was Noah and girl’s name was Emma. Dallas Fort Worth had those same number 1 names, but that’s about where the similarities end.

From naming our boys after strippers to naming our daughters after the Teen Mom babies, we in Dallas Fort Worth kind of have our own way of doing things.


Highland Park, Biblical Names – Jacob, Daniel, David, Matthew, (and Noah)

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While we may have a lot of trashy trends in Dallas Fort Worth, we have more biblical names in our top 10 boys’ names than the rest of the country. And you just know they’re gonna mostly be in Highland Park, home of the holier than thou.

More than just Jacob, which claims the number 2 boys’ spot in Texas for 2014, we have Daniel, David, Matthew, and, of course, our top spot Noah.


Highland Park, Stripper Names – Daniel, Matthew, Sebastian

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As it turns out, some of the most common boys’ names in Highland Park also happen to be in the 40 most popular male stripper names. Whether this is cause or effect, we’ll leave up to our readers to decide.


Plano, Preppy Names – Brody, Cooper, Gavin

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Nestled in the suburbs of Dallas are enclaves of preppiness. Preppy mom and dad have names for their boys like Brody, Cooper, Gavin, and Cameron. You’ll see them at the country club getting ready for baby golf! Or not.


Deep Ellum, Hipster Names – Nox, River, Forest

Photo: Prayitno

Meet baby Nox. They just love their creative gardening and sculpture classes with babies River and Forest. They’re in a closed polyamorous triad together because they don’t believe in “marriage.” Totes adorbs.


Preston Hollow, Siblings Sharing a Letter – Haylen, Hunter

Photo: Peasap

Precious baby Haylen was born today, a perfect 8 pounds, 6 ounces, and her big brother Hunter could not be more thrilled. She anticipates her acceptance into Harvard with enthusiasm, but would be fine with going to Cornell in a worst-case, safety-school situation.


Fort Worth, End with an A – Isabella, Mia, Olivia, Ava

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It’s the baby naming equivalent of “Put a bird on it.” Those bicycle riders over in Fort Worth just want to tack an A at the end of every name, Isabella Mia Olivia Ava Gardener. At least it could make for a really easy time finding someone in class to rhyme your name with?


East Dallas, Latina Names – Ximena, Juan, Xavier

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With such a large concentration of Latinas in Texas, it should come as no surprise that those baby names enjoy more popularity here than the rest of the U.S. One baby name on the rise, Ximena, has three famous Latinas bringing it fame south of the border, a Mexican pop singer (Ximena Sariñana), a Colombian telenovela actress (Ximena Duque), and the winner of Miss Universe for Mexico in 2010 (Ximena Navarrete).


Mid-Cities, And Sometimes Y – Brayden, Ayden, Zoey, Madelyn

Photo: RebeccaVC1

And contestant number 32 for The Little Glamour Dolls Pageant Mid-Cities is Madelyn Zoey Darling. She loves to brush her hair. Her favorite food is macaroni and cheese, and her favorite color is glitter!


Frisco, Fancy Southern Names – Harper, Scarlett, Grace

Photo: TedsBlog

Alright, Frisco, straight talk. Even if you name your daughters Harper and Grace and Scarlett just like Gone With the Wind, we still know you’re from Frisco. You’re not that fancy, and you’re not fooling anyone.


Garland, Teen Mom Names – Sophia, Aubree, Paisley, Leah, Isaac

Photo: GRuban


Teen Mom is a show we love to hate. Tell us something, then. If we hate it so much, how come so many of our new little boys and girls in the area share names with the Teen Mom babies? In fact, Sophia, the name of Farrah Abraham’s daughter, far surpasses its national popularity here in Texas. It’s so popular here that it takes up 2 spots on our top 10, Sophia, #2, and Sofia, #6. Those names are 3rd and 12th nationwide.

Why did you move to Austin, Farrah? But ya, please don’t move away. This is way too funny!


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