Today and every day, we honor those who have fought for our freedom. For your service, your bravery, and your hard work, we thank you. Happy Veterans Day!

Master Chief Petty Officer Robert E. Dickinson
Service Dates: U.S. Navy, 1950-1972
Korean War/Vietnam War Veteran

Dave Britten, AQ1
Service Dates: 1972 – July 1976, Reserve Duty 1976 – 1987
Vietnam Veteran

Sergeant Gerald (Jesse) Haiduk
Service Dates: U.S. Air Force,1984-1992
Desert Shield/Storm Veteran

Master Chief Petty Officer Ted High, Jr.
Service Dates: 1973-2003
Vietnam War/Desert Storm Veteran

Sergeant Christopher C. Cole
Service Dates: U.S. Army, 2005-2018
Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation New Dawn Veteran

Raymond G. Martinez
Service Dates: U.S. Army, 1968-1974
101st Airborne

Captain Kyle Connelly
U.S. Marine Corp

Tim Moradi
U.S. Navy

Joe Anchondo
U.S. Navy, 1973-1974

Melvin Crafton
Service Dates: 1981-2003
Panama, Colombia, Desert Shield and Desert Storm Veteran

Johnny Ray Williams, Sr.
U.S. Army

Colonel Otto H. Brown, Jr.
U.S. Army

Machinist’s Mate First Class Leonard Beard
Service Dates: U.S. Navy, 1962-1968
Vietnam Veteran

Private First Class Ronnie Wayne Potter
Service Dates: U.S. Army, 1971-1975

Dennis Anderson
Service Dates: U.S. Navy, 1964-1966
Vietnam Veteran

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