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(NEXSTAR) – It’s been 35 years since the Bears won the Super Bowl, but Mike Singletary is still plugging away for more titles.

The former Monster of the Midway helped lead the Austin Generals to a Spring League Championship to close out 2020 as the team’s defensive coordinator, a decade removed from his last NFL head coaching job in San Francisco.

Singletary didn’t have much success as an NFL head coach his last go around, but he’s ready for another shot.

“I learned a lot. I learned a lot about myself,” Singletary said of his time with the 49ers. “I learned a lot about the game from a totally different perspective.”

During Singletary’s decorated career as a player, he credits one of his own coaches with much of the Bears’, and his, success – defensive coordinator Buddy Ryan.

Singletary said Ryan, a Korean War veteran and the architect of the legendary 46 defense that the Bears rode to a Super Bowl in 1985, had a knack for pushing buttons to get his players to perform.

“He knew how to really get inside your head, particularly someone like me who wanted to be perfect,” Singletary said.

The results spoke for themselves with the Bears terrorizing offenses that year.

“It was truly special,” Singletary recalled. “It was truly dominating. Before you knew it it was on you, it was around you, it smothered you and there was nothing you could do to get away from it.”

Singletary said after winning the Super Bowl he and his wife flew out of Chicago for Honolulu and the Pro Bowl as soon as they could.

“I got out of town right away because I didn’t want to get the feel of what it was to be the best … to see the city so excited, like ‘this is it,'” Singletary said. “I wanted to do it again, I couldn’t wait to get back to work to do it again. I didn’t want to be satisfied.”

Now, his goal is to coach the game the way he played the game.

“Now I’m ready for that. If the opportunity presents itself I will put something together that’s never been seen before,” Singletary said. “I want to take what we did together in ’85 and finish it. Simple as that.”