DALLAS (KDAF) — If you hopped on the train Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson created about Dallas deserving and needing another NFL franchise, you may have experienced a metaphorical derailment.

Dallas Cowboys’ longtime owner Jerry Jones isn’t interested in adding another franchise to the city the Cowboys call home as it could “water down” the Cowboys’ popularity in the NFL he said in an interview with the media this week.

Mayor Johnson has been anything but shy about wanting to add another NFL team to the Dallas area. In a tweet on June 10, the mayor said, ” Southern Dallas is the fresh start the @Chargers need! Several sites, including @cottonbowlstad and Hensley Field, would be ideal locations for a state of the art practice facility and world headquarters or stadium. We’re ready for the @NFL in @CityOfDallas! @nflcommish.”

The Cowboys are undoubtedly America’s Team and that would seem to remain the play moving forward, especially if Jones has anything to say about it.