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LOS ANGELES — We’re just a week away from the NFL playing games that actually count, but controversy has already kicked off. The trailer for the movie “Concussion” starring Will Smith is out and it doesn’t paint the prettiest picture of America’s favorite game.

The new flick is based on a true story and is based on the facts revealed in the book and Frontline documentary “League of Denial.”

Will Smith plays Dr. Bennet Omalu, the forensic pathologist who first discovered Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy or CTE. Omalu’s research determined CTE was most prevalent in athletes who played contact sports, like football, where repetitive brain trauma is common.

According to the Frontline investigation, the NFL attempted a cover-up campaign once they were made aware of the correlation.

Can’t imagine the NFL is too happy about the movie’s scheduled release on Christmas Day. Talk about a lump of coal in your stocking!

Hall of Famer Troy Aikman is featured in the “League of Denial” documentary. His former agent tells a chilling story in which after sustaining a concussion, the quarterback couldn’t remember a conversation that had taken place between them just five minutes before.

You’ll get your chance to unwrap the NFL’s worst nightmare on Christmas Day.