DALLAS (KDAF) — Anyone who knows anything about Dallas knows how much the Dallas Stars are loved in their city. However, sometimes fans and players can get a little too passionate!

The Dallas Stars recently played their third game of the season against the Vegas Golden Knights. A lot of things happened during the game. Including a scuffle, food throwing and other signs of unsportsmanlike conduct from both fans and players.

Dallas Stars President and CEO released a statement via social media. “I would like to apologize to the Vegas Golden Knights… “

As loyal supporters, we often forget that fan etiquette exists due to our passion and love for the game!

It’s important to remember players have worked hard to get where they are during these games, and anything can become a distraction. So what are better ways for us to show fan etiquette?

  1. Be aware of the space of others and your own
  2. Get to your seat before the game starts (if you can)
  3. Waving your hands, hats, and drinks can be a distraction or invasion of personal space for others
  4. Be polite when you have to leave your seat
  5. Keep your trash talk “cute”
  6. Keep food and trash in the trashcan or in your seat
  7. Observe the rules of the venue

Proper fan etiquette is essential for not just Dallas Stars fans but all fans! Especially when they are cheering for their favorite team! We are the heart of that team and what keeps them going.

By following these standards, fans can help to foster an atmosphere of respect, sportsmanship, and unity, resulting in a more enjoyable experience for themselves and their fellow spectators.

Like always…

Go Stars!