DALLAS (KDAF) — If you want to know anything and everything about the Dallas Cowboys, Mickey Spagnola is your man.

So how is America’s team doing during the 2022-23 NFL season?

First, let’s rewind to the beginning of the season. Dak Prescott gets injured in the first game, so backup quarterback Cooper Rush assumes the position. What no one expected was for Rush to lead America’s team to multiple victories.

When Dak came back, the Cowboys had only lost one game under Cooper Rush. At the halfway point they were at 6-2.

Rush wasn’t the only star of the Cowboys this season though. Tony Pollard has had some big plays as well.

Known as the pride of the University of Memphis, Pollard had 14 carries for 131 yards and three touchdowns in the game against Chicago when he replaced Zeke. This is the largest amount of carries he has had in a single game in his career.

Of course, another thing to point out with the Cowboys this season as they failed to trade for any wide receivers before the deadline.

But this is not because the Cowboys didn’t try.

“I think that they were looking at a couple of guys. But when you say you’re gonna trade number one, you got to give something up, and you got to match whoever’s what they’re asking. The ask, number one, was too much for what the Cowboys thought a second or third wide receiver would be. Number two, there’s a salary cap implication. Everybody kind of knew they were looking at Houston’s Brandon Cooks. Nice receiver, but he playing for his fourth team in his career,” Mickey said.

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