The Fort Worth Timber Creek Lady Falcons had a great season as they finished third in their district, made it to playoffs, and ended their season with a 24-10 overall record. Helping lead the way was senior guard/small forward Deja Lumsden. Lumsden averaged 14 points per game, five rebounds per game, and three steals per game this season before being voted as the VYPE DFW Public School Girls Basketball Player of the Year by fans who participated in the fan poll. VYPE DFW was given the opportunity to catch up with Lumsden in an exclusive interview following her senior season:

Staying Focused on Success

Lumsden is an athlete who likes to stay at the top of her game- this includes during the offseason. During a time when teenagers like to be having fun, hanging out with their friends, and doing things other than focusing on honing in their skills, Lumsden is able to stay on top of her training and be sure to be the best that she can be. “I remind myself that my team needs the best me and that I have to be able to give it my all. I also remember that I am trying to play at a higher level. To do that, I have to be ready,” Lumsden told VYPE. 

Using the offseason to prepare to be ready for anything during the regular season, Lumsden has had quite a bit of success on the court. This last season is just one of those examples. If you were to ask her what the secret to her success would be, her answer would be faith-driven: “Honestly, God. He is the key to my success in anything that I do.” As far as the team’s success, other than faith in God, she believes that the Lady Falcons’ success has been built from their relationships. “The majority of our team has played with each other since the seventh grade,” Lumsden started. “So, we’ve been able to build a strong connection together- which has only worked in our favor.”

In order to have success, though, an athlete must have an incredible mindset. Lumsden is a very team-forward-minded individual who wants to be sure that she is always at peak performance because she knows that’s what is needed from her. “In each practice and game, I have to go hard with no brakes. My team needs me and most of all I have a goal to play basketball at a high level, so I have to [play hard] to put myself in the best position to be able to do so.”

Accomplishing Goals

This season, the Lady Falcons had high goals for themselves. They wanted to be able to finish at the top of the district and be undefeated. Although they didn’t fulfill that goal, Lumsden acknowledged that there is nothing they should be ashamed of. Timber Creek had an excellent season and they deserve to be celebrated for the hard work they put into each game. “We were still able to enjoy our season together,” said Lumsden. 

As an individual, Lumsden’s goal was to receive a college scholarship. She was able to get a scholarship to play college basketball for Weatherford College. “I have a chance to play the sport I love and get an education at the same time. It can’t get better than that!” As an athlete with great talent, strong goals for herself, and the ability to go far, Lumsden believes her greatest accomplishment this season has come in the form of consistency. “Keeping my game consistent and balanced on both sides of the court [has been my greatest accomplishment this season],” she told VYPE. “Also keeping my head up and being more vocal.”

Making Memories

Anyone competing in high school athletics can tell you that it is a great place to make memories that will last an entire lifetime. For Lumsden, this has proven to be the case. “My favorite memories have been any time we played in the Waco tournament. It allowed us to enjoy time with the team and play the sport I love. My favorite year was when we won the championship.” 

A Bright Future

Lumsden is headed off to play for Weatherford College where she will also be pursuing her education. With hopes to major in Cyber Security, there’s no doubt that fans can expect to see great things from Lumsden as she pushes forward in her career not only as a student-athlete but also as a student. 

“I chose Weatherford because I feel like they have a good school overall and I like the coach’s personalities. When I transfer out, I believe I will be better on and off the court. Weatherford offers a program for what I am looking to study in as well.”

Coach’s Comments

VYPE was also given the opportunity to talk to Timber Creek girls basketball coach Tina DeMichele. DeMichele had only great things to say about Lumsden:

“Deja is the most versatile player on our team both offensively and defensively. She can take someone off the dribble, post them up, shoot the mid range jumper, and hit the three.”​

Fun Questions

​Who is your favorite professional sports team?
“I find it hard to have a favorite team. I do love watching basketball in general on both the women’s and men’s side.”

​Who do you look up to as an athlete?
“I have many players I like, but I always loved Maya Moore. Her game has always stuck out to me and I’ve been drawn to her.”

​If you could go to dinner with one person (dead or alive) who would it be? What would you want to talk to them about?
“All three of my great grandmothers. Two of the three are deceased, but I have been blessed to have some time with all of them on this earth. I would love to just hear the knowledge they have to give and stories from their life.”​