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ARLINGTON, Texas — Wrestlemania!!!! Thousands of fans are flocking to DFW to watch the WWE lay the smackdown all over the AT&T Stadium April 3rd.

“Wrestlemania is our Super Bowl. And guess what? It’s right in our back yard, baby!”

RIck Achberger

And no one is more excited than the ultimate WWE fan, Rick Achberger.

Rick, who lives in Dallas, has taken fandom to a new level by going to 40 to 50 live shows a year, trolling the superstars the best way a fan can.

“I kept wearing the same outfit all the time and people came up and said, ‘Hey, you’re that guy with the signs. You’re the sign guy.’ And it just kinda stuck,” Achberger said.

This sign guy has racked up quite a bit of debt going to that many shows. But he got a little debt relief after he competed on the popular game show “Deal or No Deal.”

“I’m sitting there trying to pick cases for the ‘Deal or No Deal’ thing, then all of a sudden, I hear these boo’s coming from the crowd. I look over, there’s Edge and Randy Orton holding up signs and booing me,” Achberger told NewsFix.

Rick made a deal for just over $100,000 and says most of that has gone to seeing more WWE shows.

“I just keep spending it on it,” he said. “I think life is too short and going to these WWE events, has made my life.”