TWU Officials Release Details of Volleyball Team’s ‘Rhabdo’ Spike

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DENTON — A health scare that sent eight Texas Woman’s University student-athletes to the hospital has left the administration and public in search of answers. The hospitalizations were the result of an annual fitness test given to the women`s volleyball team.

On Friday TWU held a press conference to address the issue.

“After receiving their permission I can confirm that eight members of our volleyball team were admitted to the hospital over the weekend of August 20th and they were eventually diagnosed with rhabdomyolysis, otherwise known as rhabdo,” explained VP of Student Life at TWU, Dr. Monica Mendez-Grant.

Rhabdo is a breakdown of muscle tissue that releases a damaging protein into the blood, one of the ways it can be caused is through extreme physical exercise. Mendez-Grants says she and school officials believe it was a combination of factors that caused members of the volleyball team to fall victim. “Our initial belief is that over exertion coupled with dehydration during practices last week caused our

“Our initial belief is that over exertion coupled with dehydration during practices last week caused our student-athletes to experience rhabdo.”

The school isn’t taking this news lying down. Chalese Connors, Director of Athletics at TWU, says from now on student-athletes and coaches will be made aware of rhabdo in order to help prevent future occurrences, “We have added rhabdo education to our annual student-athlete orientation sessions as well as well as our staff professional development.”

Luckily all the athletes are expected to make full recoveries. One member of the team, Briley Cole, was on-hand to thank school officials, “Through all of this the university, the athletics department, they`ve been phenomenal through it all… Right now I`m just ready to start classes on Monday and just continue to recover and improve and eventually get back on the court with my teammates.”

The volleyball team still plans to start their season as scheduled on September 2nd.

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