DALLAS (KDAF) — The Dallas Cowboys, America’s Team, the good ole silver and blue; one of the most popular football teams known to man belongs to the NFC East division and resides in the great state of Texas.

You can’t miss the iconic, clean-looking white, blue, and silver uniforms that the Cowboys dawn week in and week out during the NFL season.

November 4 is National Jersey Friday and it’s time to dust off your favorite throwback Roger Staubach or Emmitt Smith jersey and rock it around town. “How else can you put your fandom on display this National Jersey Friday? Celebrate by proudly wearing your favorite player’s jersey throughout the day! If you ever get bored of wearing one, pick another one and wear that too,” NationalToday said.

We checked out a report from TheLandryHat.com on the best uniforms in Dallas Cowboys history, and our favorites have to be the Captain America uniforms from the mid-70s.

The report said, “That said, the Cowboys’ colors have remained relatively unchanged over time. Navy blue, shades of royal blue, gray, silver, and white litter the uniforms over the past sixty years. There have been tweaks along the way that coincide with the times and what was popular during that era but Dallas hasn’t made any significant color or logo changes.”

  1. Modern Mashup (Navy home jerseys, white color rush pants)
  2. Thanksgiving Throwbacks
  3. Captain America Uniforms – 1976
  4. Navy jerseys
  5. White jerseys
  6. 1995 Blues
  7. Color Rush
  8. 1995 Whites