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Fort Worth, TX—If you cruise by this spot in Fort Worth, you might notice something a little different.  Ricky Bobby Sports Saloon and Restaurant isn’t Ricky Bobby anymore.

“This is our first time back here, so I didn’t know they changed the name,” patron Danny Johnson said.

Columbia Pictures was disturbed that the restaurant used Ricky Bobby — Will Ferrell’s character in the box office hit Talladega Nights — to market their saloon.

The movie made more than $200 million at the box office, and Columbia said the bar was getting in on that action without permission.

“When that was built, it got really popular, especially when the races were here,” Brandon Hahn, who used to work near the establishment, said.  “A lot of people would come down here for the races because of the name ‘Ricky Bobby.’”

Columbia filed a federal lawsuit claiming “Rick’s Cabaret International created and are operating a Talladega Nights/Ricky Bobby Professional Sports themed restaurant based on intellectual property elements that are uniquely identifiable with the picture.”

We reached out again to Columbia, and the legal department with Rick’s has ‘no further comment.’

“They’ve got good food here. I really like it,“ Johnson added.

According to Rick’s Cabaret, the company settled, paid 20 grand and changed the name of the place to ‘Pole Position.’

“I guess if they had to do what they had to do, they had to do what they had to do.  It’s an alright name. I was used to Ricky Bobby,” Johnson said.

“Kind of an extreme.  Sounds like a strip club to be honest,” Hahn added.

Speaking of, Rick’s Cabaret International owns a number of…eh-hem…adult oriented businesses. While the Ricky Bobby DFW website is long gone, a Ricky Bobby Restaurant in San Francisco has a live website. Perhaps Columbia overlooked that one.