DALLAS (KDAF) — How likely are the Dallas Cowboys to fumble NFL Draft picks? Well, according to a US Bets survey, they’re the No. 5 team most like to fumble their picks.

In front of the Cowboys? The Browns, Jets, Lions and Bears. Shocker, am I right?

The NFL Draft is fastly approaching and USBets.com surveyed over 2,000 fans to get their view on the draft and how teams will perform in one of the biggest offseason events for the NFL.

Luckily for Cowboys fans, they were left out of the top five teams expected to get the worst draft picks (Rams, Bills, Buccaneers, Bengals and Chiefs) and the top five teams in need of a roster shakeup (Lions, Jets, Giants, Bears and Jaguars).

What universities/colleges should teams look to pick from? In no surprise, it belongs to the Alabama Crimson Tide and players from the SEC as they dominate the top 6 of first-rounders produced since 2012. With Ohio State and Clemson among the top six as well.

So, who should the Cowboys draft? You tell us and share your thoughts on our social media pages!