The Trophy Club Byron Nelson Bobcats are looking ahead to the playoffs after finishing their regular season strong against a tough Keller team. Last season, the Bobcats were able to make a strong push in playoffs, but ultimately fell against Odessa Permian in a hard-fought battle. This season, Byron Nelson is ready to make a splash and showcase their talent. VYPE DFW takes a look into Byron Nelson’s season and what fans can expect from this team as they head into playoffs.

The Byron Nelson Bobcats played a strong schedule this season and continued to make a name for themselves on the diamond. The team has been able to put up strong outings against their opponents as they closed out with a strong 5-0 victory over the Keller Indians. Led by athletes like Luis Santiago, Ryan Pruitt, Riley Nelson, and more the Bobcats have been poised, focused, and ready for playoffs all season long. 

As the Bobcats take a look ahead at playoffs, the fans can expect a new wind coming out of Trophy Club Byron Nelson. After building a strong foundation this season, the Bobcats have the potential to put up a true fight in the playoffs and do whatever it takes to put Byron Nelson on the map in the Texas high school baseball world.