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DALLAS — You can imagine the situation in your head. A silver medal already in hand, Michelle Carter had one last shot at Rio gold.

Her rival and friend, New Zealand’s Valerie Adams, was looking on. She was atop the leaderboard, trying to become the first woman to win three consecutive golds in the shot put.

On this day, though, Carter was better.

With a power throw flying beyond 20 meters, the Red Oak High School grad became America’s first woman to win a gold medal in the event.

But here’s the thing, the woman known as Shot Diva is so much more than that.

“I love throwing the shot put, but also, I have my diva-like ways,” Carter said. “I love my fashion, I love makeup, I love hair.”

And she takes that diva demeanor right into her event, giving the shot put a little more swag.

“When I step in that ring, I want to know that I look good because it makes me feel good,” Carter said. “When I feel good, I know I can go out there and do my best because I have that confidence.”

When she feels fly, she can let it fly, and that’s definitely what she did in bringing gold home from Rio.

Since then, it’s been a whirlwind of fashion focus with trips to Harper’s Bazaar, fashion week, and The Emmy’s. Her message, though, isn’t about Michelle Carter. It’s about each girl being the woman she wants to be.

“That’s important for me to make sure these young girls know that,” she said. “They can encourage themselves and encourage each other so they have that confidence to go out there and knock down even more barriers and open more doors and show the world, ‘Hey, I can do this, I’m here to do this, and I’m gonna be great at it.'”

She says she has one more Olympics in her, but no matter what happens, she knows how she wants to be remembered.

“I wasn’t afraid to be me. Sometimes we forget at the end of the day that you can only be yourself,” she said.

For the Shot Diva, that’s not a problem.