DALLAS (KDAF) — Horns up or down? That’s the question when it comes to the NCAA Tournament for the Texas Longhorns, their fans, and their foes.

Just what fanbase is the worst-behaved when it comes to their college basketball team? You’ve probably guessed already but due to annoying chants and heckling too much Duke took the top spot in a recent survey.

“Duke not only topped the list for worst behaved fans, but they also took the top spots for both “most obnoxious chants” and “loudest fan sections.” Meanwhile, Alabama was ranked No. 2 for obnoxious chants, followed by Florida (No. 3); North Carolina (No. 4) and Kentucky (No. 5),” the report from NJ.Bet found.

These are the Texas schools that cracked into the top 20 of rankings you’d probably want to be left out of this time of year:

  • Texas No. 9
    • Drink too much & annoying chants
  • Baylor No. 11
    • Use profanity & heckle too much