DALLAS (KDAF) — Sure, Thursday’s tipoff to March Madness was filled with dominant basketball, upsets that have sparked this tournament’s potential Cinderella stories and more. But don’t be fooled, the biggest winner, even though their team got dominated, was the Indiana cheerleaders.

During the game, the basketball was stuck on the goal and was hard to reach for those trying to get it down, enter in the Indiana cheerleaders who came to save the day with their skills, strength and stunting. They channeled their inner Bob Marjanovic, one of the NBA’s most likable and tallest players, and got the ball down for the matchup with St. Mary’s to continue.

The 7’4″ Serbian is a gentle giant who plays for none other than the Dallas Mavericks. He got in on the fun of Thursday’s meme and top 10 play from the Indiana cheerleaders with a tweet, “Heard there was a basketball that was stuck?? #MarchMadness2022.”

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Naturally, it’s accompanied by a picture of him getting a ball unstuck from a goal on his own because he’s just that tall.