Jerry Jones Named NFL’s Most Important Person

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ARLINGTON, Texas — What do you give the man who seemingly has everything? Well, besides a Super Bowl victory without the influence of Jimmy Johnson, granting him the #1 spot in a Top 100 list of the most important people in the NFL is a close second.

That’s what the staff at USA Today did when they voted Jerry Jones numero uno — one spot above Commissioner Roger Goodell.

jerry jones
It really is Jerry’s World, eh?

And it isn’t about his remarkable stadium or just as remarkable training facility set to open this summer. USA today cites Jerry’s influence in getting other owners to OK the Rams moving to L.A., as well as being the architect of the NFL’s current broadcast deals which earn the league billions in revenue.

But even when you’re #1, you can’t please everybody. In an interview released Tuesday, former NFL QB Jake Plummer slammed the Cowboys’ owner, calling him a “billionaire a**hole.”

Plummer took issue with a statement Jones made in March calling the link between football and the brain disease CTE “absurd.”

“Shame on him for saying that,” said Plummer. “It’s the worst thing in the world for a guy like that to say.”

Well, tell us how you really feel, Jake!

Guess heavy is the head that wears the number one crown.

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