DALLAS (KDAF) — If you’re into running the ball in the NFL these days, you’d better hope that your favorite team has a solid running back in the backfield.

Quarterbacks are kings these days as it seems running backs don’t command the glory they once did when running the ball came first before slinging the ball 40 times a game.

The Dallas Cowboys are blessed to have two very solid running backs and Madden 23 is not sleeping on Ezekiel Elliott or Tony Pollard.

Elliott has been ranked as the No. 10 running back in the NFL according to Madden with a rating of 88. The Dallas back also is seeing high praise for his moves in the field as he has the sixth highest juke rating among running backs.

Meanwhile, the very capable Dallas backup Tony Pollard was rated as the fifth fastest running back behind the likes of Derrick Henry and Jonathan Taylor.