DALLAS (KDAF) — Some may come as a surprise, but the top names won’t — here’s a look at former Dallas Mavericks that made the NBA’s 75th Anniversary Team. The greatest names in professional basketball are on this list topped by Michael Jordan and LeBron James and a number of Mavs joined them.

  • No. 67 Dennis Rodman
    • Most known for his time with the Chicago Bulls, Rodman had a stint with the Mavericks in 2000. Rodman averaged over 14 rebounds, under 3 points and just over 1 assist during his brief time with Dallas.
  • No. 43 Jason Kidd
    • Kidd was looked at as a Mr. Do-it-all during his career in the NBA, which was no different during his two stints with the Mavericks, 1994-96 and 2008-12. He averaged over 10 points, 8 assists and 5 rebounds during his time with Dallas.
  • No. 37 Steve Nash
    • Most known for his time with the Phoenix Suns, Nash played a big part for the Mavericks from 1998-2004. During his over 400 game stint with Dallas, Nash averaged over 14 points, 7 assists and almost 3 rebounds a game.
  • No. 17 Dirk Nowitzki
    • One of the greatest big men in all of the NBA, Dirk was special for not only fans in Texas, but the entire world. Nowitzki averaged over 20 points, 7 rebounds and 2 assists in his more-than 1,500 games with Dallas. He brought the Mavs an NBA Title in 2011 after defeating the Miami Heat’s big three super team; along with many other incredible accolades in his 21-year career. He also set the record for the longest tenure with one franchise and is the highest-scoring international player in the history of the NBA.