DALLAS (KDAF) — If you’re not excited for the upcoming NFL season, then you either don’t like football or you’re preoccupied with hunting aliens or something super important. Maybe you’re just waiting for some more crazy offseason news or waiting to see a player from your favorite team release a ridiculous workout video on social media.

However, we know a way to help you out in your offseason excitement, Madden 23 is releasing its player ratings in waves and it seems to be that defense just might be king for the Dallas Cowboys when it comes to a controller in your hand.

America’s Team has a player in the top 10 edge rushers and linebackers so far. At the No. 8 edge rusher is veteran DeMarcus Lawrence at a cool 90 overall while rookie sensation, second-year linebacker Micah Parsons landed at the No. 7 spot with an 88 overall.

If the Cowboys didn’t trade away Amari Cooper to the Cleveland Browns they would’ve had a top 10 wide receiver on the roster, but that’s not the case. Way down the list with an 85 overall CeeDee Lamb is the top WR on the roster according to Madden.

Soon, Madden 23 will be releasing its ratings for other positions as well as the 99 Club and NFL team ratings:

  • Running backs – July 20
  • Cornerbacks and d-line – July 21
  • Quarterbacks – July 22
  • 99 Club – July 22
  • NFL team ratings – July 22

Two players have already been announced in the 99 Club, Las Vegas Raiders wide receiver Davante Adams and Cleveland Browns defensive end Myles Garrett.