Cowboys Sign Greg Hardy Despite Domestic Violence Allegations

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DALLAS – Looks like there is a new Cowboy in town. Former Panthers defensive end Greg Hardy signed an $11 million one year deal, but this isn’t the first time he’s made front page news.

Off the field, Hardy dropped the ball when police say he assaulted and threatened to kill his then-girlfriend, Nicole Holder, last May.

Holder eventually dropped the charges.

“If I tell, he’ll lose his job.  You have a victim who might be dependent on that person for feeding their children,” Paige Flink, CEO of The Family Place said.

Flink sees cases like this all the time. And with Hardy’s signing day just happening to be the same day as the Annual Conference on Crimes Against Women in Dallas, domestic violence continues to be a hot topic.

“Family violence happens behind closed doors.  And unless there’s a camera in an elevator, we don’t know.”

What we do know —  the stats are grim.

“In 2013, Dallas County was the most lethal county in the State of Texas per capita for women being killed by their intimate partner.”

So what does that mean for The ‘Boys?

“It is a challenge that the Cowboys are going to have to deal with, but we wouldn’t do batterers intervention if we didn’t think people could change.”

The NFL featured players saying “No More” to domestic violence in a widely-discussed PSA during the Super Bowl.

“It does make a statement. Being good for the team is one thing and being held accountable for your behavior is another,” Fink said. “And those aren’t mutually exclusive.”

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