DALLAS (KDAF) — Picture this Dallas Mavericks fans, Luka Doncic dribbles up the court, time is ticking down on the clock, passes to Kevin Durant and he buries a triple in the face of a defender as the buzzer sounds against the Golden State Warriors in a regular-season classic of a win for the Mavs.

That’s right it’s possible that the Dallas Mavericks trade for NBA superstar, champion and former MVP Kevin Durant as reports have come out on Thursday that Easy Money Sniper (Durant) has asked the Nets for a trade.

ESPN’s Senior NBA Inside Adrian Wojnarowski broke the news and said, “Kevin Durant made the trade request directly to Nets owner Joe Tsai today, sources tell ESPN.”

So, now the question remains, what does Dallas have to give up in order to acquire the 12-time All Star, four-time scoring champion, two-time NBA champion, 10-time All-NBA and NBA 75th Anniversary Team’s Durant from the Nets. Well, according to ESPN’s NBA Trade Machine, three players.

After trying a couple of trades out the NBA Trade Machine said this trade would be successful:

The Nets would acquire Tim Hardaway Jr., Reggie Bullock and Maxi Kleber and the Mavericks would of course acquire Kevin Durant. There was also another trade that the NBA Trade Machine said would work as well, Spencer Dinwiddie and Tim Hardaway Jr. for Durant.

If the Mavericks need to add more for the trade to work in real life would you do it? What would you think is too much or too little? At the core of it all, what would you be willing to give up to see Doncic and Durant on the court playing in the same uniform that isn’t an NBA All-Star jersey?