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DALLAS (KDAF) — The World Series is set to be a Wild Card matchup between the Texas Rangers and the Arizona Diamondbacks, but what does that mean?

It means that neither team won their division during regular season play. The Rangers came in second in the American League West, thanks to a tiebreaker that the Houston Astros won, while the Arizona Diamondbacks placed second in the National League West, falling behind the Los Angeles Dodgers. Between the two teams, the Rangers sported the better record, with a 90-72 record compared to the Diamondbacks 84-78.

Because neither team won their league, they did not automatically secure a spot in the postseason playoffs. Enter: the Wild Card.

The Wild Card system was first instituted in the MLB in 1994. Wild Card teams are the three teams in each of the two leagues, American and National, that have qualified for the postseason despite failing to win their division. Essentially, with no guaranteed spot, Wild Card teams have to work harder just to make it to the postseason — which makes the Rangers and the Diamondbacks showdown even more impressive.

When was the last time both World Series teams were Wild Cards?

In the 29 years since the implementation of the Wild Card, there are only two times in World Series history where both teams have been Wild Cards. In 2002, the Los Angeles Angels and the San Francisco Giants played in the Fall Classic as Wild Card teams, with the Angels coming out on top. In 2014, it was the Giants again, this time facing the Kansas City Royals, with the Giants winning the championship. And 2023 will be the third time that both teams are Wild Cards.

This year’s series begins with game one tonight, Oct. 27, at 7:03 P.M. If you’re looking for last minute tickets, here’s how to get them, and if you’re looking for a spot to watch the game, check out Twin Peaks.

Oh, and go Rangers!