Winning isn’t anything that’s new to the Argyle Liberty Christian School cheer squad. With plenty of state championships to their name, a national championship, and a legacy to uphold, the Warriors cheer squad’s most recent victory came during the 2022 VYPE DFW Preseason Private School Cheer Team of the Year Fan PollVYPE DFW caught up with Athletic Director Billy Jordan and head cheer coach Stephanie Jones in an exclusive interview about the team! 

“Our cheer team has represented not only our athletic department, but our entire school very well,” Jordan said when discussing the team with VYPE. “Stephanie and her entire staff have done a tremendous job each year getting the girls ready physically, emotionally, and spiritually to compete at a high level. I think what’s even more impressive then all their titles is the fact that they have serving hearts and give back to the community and the school. They certainly have created a legacy, but not only of winning and being successful- a legacy of serving our community and school well.” 

Stephanie Jones has certainly done a phenomenal job helping shape the athletes into a successful team squad as well as great young people who are going to go on and make a bigger impact on the world. VYPE discussed the team with Jones:

​VYPE: Historically, Liberty Christian School has an excellent cheer team reputation. Can you tell me a little bit about it and what you think has contributed most to the team’s overall success?
Jones: We have been very fortunate as a program to have buy in rom athletes and parents from day one. Our kids are extremely committed to our standards and goals each season. Their willingness and drive for excellence has provided them great opportunities at the state and national level.

​VYPE: With such rich history in the sport, what kind of pressure does each new season bring?
Jones: One of our team quotes this season is “pressure is a privilege.” The pressure to be better is always there, but we try to embrace it and set healthy goals to raise the bar to a new level each season. Each team is unique, but they all are built on the foundation of the athletes that came before them. We try to remember how far we’ve come and let the work we put in take care of the rest.

​VYPE: Is there anything specific you have your athletes focus on when preparing for a season?
Jones: We focus a lot on fundamentals and using good technique. We also use the off season to get in shape and learn new skills. 

​VYPE: What are your goals for the season ahead?
Jones: Our standards as a team are to be good teammates, to compete like it’s your last time every time, to be gritty and wear the uniform with pride. Our team goals are to compete at a high level at regionals, state, and nationals. 

​VYPE: With this specific senior class- is there something in particular that THEY have taught YOU?
Jones: They have taught me to live n the moment a little more and not take life so serious. 

With quite the legacy and a drive to compete at the highest level they can, the cheer team is able to remain focused on their goals year after year- just one of the qualities that allows the team to remain at the top. Be sure you’re making it out to football games to watch this excellent cheer team perform- and when you can, definitely head out to a cheer competition. You won’t regret watching this squad work! 

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