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DALLAS (KDAF) — Would you believe that an undrafted, backup quarterback that took over for an injured superstar is being talked about more than Tom Brady, Patrick Mahomes, Aaron Rodgers, and other superstar and legendary quarterbacks?

Enter the legendary starting quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys, Cooper Rush.

Earlier in the year, the entirety of the Cowboys’ season was put into question after losing to Tampa Bay and losing its star QB to injury. But Rush walked into the starting role and hasn’t looked back.

He’s walked into the starting role and each time, he’s given America’s Team a fighting chance at winning and hasn’t lost when at the helm. With that, we wanted to look into the not-so-QB controversy in Dallas and how the Cowboys season will finish out, and who will be leading this offense to another potential NFL Playoff berth.

We’re going to play two truths and a lie when it comes to Cooper Rush and the Dallas Cowboys:

Truth No. 1, yes, Rush is undefeated as the starting QB for the Cowboys

In his five seasons with America’s Team and five games started, Rush has won all five of his starts with four of them coming in four straight games in the 2022 season. During the 2022 season, he’s completed 72 passes on 118 attempts for 839 yards with four touchdowns and no interceptions.

He’s helped the team that has a stellar defense and working running game beat the Bengals, Giants, Commanders, and Super Bowl-defending Rams.

Truth No. 2, while he’s playing well, Rush has received ridiculous help from the defense & run game

While some teams are slinging the rock as their life depends on it, the Cowboys are taking a slightly different approach with Rush leading the offense. It’s trusting the defense and stellar run game to help Rush along with his undefeated winning streak.

So far, Ezekiel Elliot and Tony Pollard have rushed for 305 and 248 yards respectively scoring three touchdowns between them. And with safety Donovan Wilson leading the team in tackles with 39 and young superstars Micah Parsons (6 sacks) and Trevon Diggs (2 interceptions) helping lead this veteran-filled defense to dominant performances.

While they aren’t beating the world on offense by scoring the 24th most points per game (18.6), 28th in passing yards per game (194.6), and rushing for the 15th most yards per game (115.8), the defense is showing out week-in and week-out with allowing the near-league best 14.4 points per game (14.4).

Lie: Cooper Rush will be the starting quarterback the rest of the season, even if Dak is back healthy

Sorry Rush fanatics, once Dak is back to being healthy, he’s going to be Dallas’ starter, no questions asked. He’s been phenomenal for the Cowboys since he was named the starter. In his seven seasons, he’s thrown for over 22,000 yards and 143 touchdowns; he’s been selected to the Pro Bowl twice and was named the Offensive Rookie of the Year.

The good news, you have an awesome backup and you know exactly what Rush will give you if he has to step up and take the reigns. When you look at the NFC East Division standings you have little room for error as the Eagles are currently undefeated and the Giants are 4-1 (the Commanders are currently bad so, not worth mentioning further).

Prescott has led them to many victories over the years and when he’s ready to get back out there, he’s going to help the offense produce more in the passing game and make defenses think twice about stacking the box to stop the run game.

One thing is for sure, nothing is ever certain, especially when Jerry Jones is leading the franchise. Expect Dak to be back once healthy, and expect the Cowboys to be competing for back-to-back division titles, but don’t expect it to be easy by any means.

America’s Team will face the Eagles next on October 16 at 7:20 on NBC’s Sunday Night Football.