Savvy Saver: The symphony on the cheap, J.LO in the West End, and curiosity killed the cat

Savvy Saver
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Get down like Frasier Crane, see Selena for free and….well…cats in cowboys hats. There’s no witty statement for that. Just…cats in hats.

Savvy Saver time.


Dallas Symphony Orchestra | Student, Teacher, and Military Discount

Usually we try not to be too exclusive when selecting the weekly Savvy Saver highlights, but thought this was a good one to make an exception on.

If you’ve never been to a symphony, you may think it’s an unaffordable, bougie snore-fest populated by pretentious Frasier Crane types, shuffling around and sniffing wine like any of them actually smell any different. 

Well, it’s not. Take it from a person that only owns one suit jacket that serves duty for weddings, funerals, and job interviews.

Savvy Savings: Students tickets can be had for $10. The teacher and military discount is 50% for select shows.


(Photo SCOTT DEL AMO/AFP/Getty Images)

Discover Downtown Dallas Movie Series | Selena | April 17

In it’s 2nd annual movie series, Discover Downtown Dallas is showing movies in the West End.

If you’re like many DFW residents, it’s been a bit since you’ve checked out the West End.

You can grab dinner and watch J.Lo play Selena in the 1997 bio pic.

Savvy Savings: FREE


Kittens, Cats, and Cowboy Hats Cat Show! | April 13 – 14 | WTH?

Alright, full disclosure: this one is included based on purrrre curiosity.

What exactly is a cat show like? Who goes to a cat show? Why are they wearing cowboy hats? Should we be alarmed?

Yes, cat shows are a thing.

Yes, this one apparently has something to do with cats in cowboy hats.

Look, if you don’t have any plans and just want to do something….different…here you go.

You’re welcome.

Savvy Savings: Tickets only $10


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