Savvy Saver: The gluten-free foodie, hockey, yoga in the park but with a DJ….edition

Savvy Saver
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A food festival for those of us who are called “picky eaters” by the old codgers at family gatherings, hockey season is nigh and it’s affordable, and another festival if you’re they type who considers yoga pants business casual.

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Hail Seitan

Dallas Nourished Festival | Sept. 7 – 8

Look, a “gluten-free, allergen-friendly and special diet” food festival might not seem like something you’d, you know, want to actually leave your house for. But you’re missing one key aspect in that label…..FOOD festival.

Beggars can’t be choosers.

Besides, you know they’re not rolling out the sodium-free cardboard for such an event. Only the good stuff!

According to the FB event page “Attendees can sample and purchase new products, meet brand ambassadors, receive coupons and attend educational classes. The Festivals have five zones to visit: Gluten-Free, Nut-Free, Paleo, Keto & Plant-Based. All products in all zones are gluten free.”

Savvy Savings: Tickets range from $5 – $35



Allen Americans |  Season Tickets

Before you roll your eyes at hockey or the idea of seasons tickets being mentioned in a frugally-minded article, hear me out.

The Americans have a great thing going on up there (they’ve won the championship twice). It might not be as grand of scale as the Dallas Stars, but it’s 100% professional hockey.

Their season starts Oct. 11

Savvy Savings: Half-season ticket plans start as low as $26/month, around $41 for a full-seasons.



FAME Festival | Sept. 27-28

FAME – which stands for Fitness, Art, Music, Experience – has been described as Coachella with Yoga pants.

Sounds like if Instagram were a theme park you could actually go to.

FAME Fest is Dallas’ first experiential fitness festival bringing together the hottest fitness trends, local artists, musicians, and culinary experiences for a weekend of movement and the arts.

Savvy Savings: Free general admission plus paid VIP options.


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