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It’s 2020 and, well, we don’t have flying cars and we’re no where near living in a Star Trek-esque egalitarian futuristic utopia of societal harmony and space travel.

Instead we have a thing called a “baconator” as food and poop emojis. Oh, and unless your last name is Bezos or Musk, you probably still have a budget to worry about.

But, that’s no excuse to lament on the couch in 2020, so here we are.

Savvy Saver 👇

(Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty Images)

Lucha Libre 2020 Art Exhibition | Oak Cliff Cultural Center | Jan. 11 – Feb 15

I’ve always cringed a bit at professional wrestling in the U.S. I have my own guilty or out-right stupid interests, but wrestling was too testosterone-filled, over the top, and..well….fake.

I’m not saying Mexican-style professional wrestling lacks any of those things (it doesn’t), but the cultural intrigue of it definitely waters much of it down for me at least.

Now, there’s an art exhibition that dives into it. From their website: The Oak Cliff Cultural Center presents an art exhibition that explores the world of Mexican-style professional wrestling, Lucha Libre 2020. Curated by Jose Vargas, the exhibition includes various paintings, photographs, sculpture, and mixed media art pieces by several local and regional artists.

Savvy Savings: $0 (AKA free)



Kevin Bacon pleased he wasn’t eaten (Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

Tremors Movie Party | Alamo Draft House | Jan. 8 – 29

As apart of the Hindsight is 20/20 series, the Alamo Draft House is revisiting films that flopped at the time of their release but are worthy of a second look.

This month, they’re screening 1990’s Tremor’s with Kevin Bacon.

The big screen, recliners, and weird carnivorous sand worm things….sounds like a blast.

Savvy Savings: Tickets start at $12.99



Elvis Birthday Bash | Chuy’s (Dallas) | Jan. 8

If you’ve ever been to a Chuy’s, the fact that they’re hosting a birthday bash for Elvis isn’t surprising (it kind of seems like they always are).

They’ll have a live Elvis performance from 5:30-7:30pm among specials.

Savvy Savings: Dress as Elvis (or his better half Priscilla) and get a free entrée, $1 off the Elvis Green Chile Fried Chicken and the Elvis Presley Memorial Combo.


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