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Escape the mundane of the modernity, Armenia in Carrollton, and channel your inner hillbilly.

Savvy Saver 👇

Retropalooza  | Oct. 19 – 20

I have a theory that the reason we’re often tugged towards the “retro” pop culture of our formative years is that it’s a chance to escape the mundane, yet profound, existential crises that is being an adult.

Bills, work, other people’s drama, and scooping life’s metaphorical litter box daily ain’t got nuthin’ on….Donkey Kong.

A celebration of all things retro, Retropalooza is an annual event featuring some of the best YouTube personalities in the universe, free-play console games, contests and competitions, guest panels and over 150 vendor booths.

Savvy Savings: $15-20 but if you attend both days, it’s only $25 for both.



Armeniafest | Oct. 11 – 13 | Carrollton

For the 24th year, Armenia is coming to DFW.

Let’s cut to the chase…this is about the food. What better way than to get to know a county, it’s people, and culture, is through food.

Savvy Savings: Free!



Bloomin’ Blue Grass Festival | Oct. 18 – 19 | Carrollton

If you’re only exposure to bluegrass are the scenes from The Andy Griffith Show when the hillbillies came down from the mountains and jammed on the jug, you need this festival.

Savvy Savings: $10 tickets, $15 for both days if you buy in advance.


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