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Savvy Saver: Existential crises-inducing star parties, taco parties, and old town parties 🔭 🌮🏫

Savvy Saver
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Here’s a chance to ponder your place in the universe (what you determine is on you, but your Instagram follower count is probably less important than you think….just sayin’), eat entirely too many tacos, and a reason to actually stop in Lewisville.

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Star Parties  | Fort Worth | Monthly

There’s nothing like the simple act of looking up at the night sky to elicit awe and wonder…and to be reminded that you’re a mere fleeting pin prick of consciousness, clinging to a rock that orbits an ordinary star while hurdling through the darkness of an unimaginable vast and indifferent Universe that is perpetually expanding.

Oh, and in about 5 billion years the sun will expand in it’s death throes and engulf the Earth, so that thing you’re worried about doesn’t really matter anyway.

Where were we? Oh yeah – Star parties! The Fort Worth Astronomical Society hosts monthly public star parties at the Tandy Hills Nature Area in Fort Worth.

Astronomical Society members volunteer their time and telescopes to educate the public about the night sky.

Star parties are also excellent opportunities for those new to astronomy as they give the beginner a chance to use different kinds of equipment.

So go get humbled.

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Texas Taco Festival | Arlington | Nov. 2 – 3

It’s called ‘Texas Taco Festival’ – do I really need to sell you on it?

Over 75 varieties of tacos will be available. Inside the festival, you’ll find over 30 of Texas’s best restaurants, food trucks, and eateries serving up an amazing variety of mouth watering tacos & other related food items (mexican corn, churritos, churros, tamales, nachos & more).

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Photo: Marco Becerra

First Fridays | Old Town Lewisville | Monthly

Lewisville is more than just a support column to hold up I-35.

This celebration of local vendors is held on the first Friday of every month and gives visitors a chance to shop, drink, and eat late into the evening.

You’ll mingle alongside OTL Entertainment Districts independent retailers, cafes, restaurants, and distilleries. Most of the businesses on the strip go all out for the event with First Fridays specials and fun.

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