Savvy Saver: Dump the kids and take the dog to a water park, cheap nature, and cold sugary things

Savvy Saver


In this week’s Savvy Saver, we’ve got something that will blow your dog’s mind, a way to get natural in DFW, and cheap sugary thrills.

Get to it.

Dog Days At Local Water Parks | Varied Dates

If you have kids, chances are they’re back in school. Now is an opportunity to spend some quality 1:1 time with that person that really matters and “gets” you.

Your dog.

Several water parks around DFW host days dedicated for just dogs. Some still charge $20+ but we discovered that city-ran parks are your best option.

Savvy Savings: Dallas’ Bahama Beach and Bedford’s Splash are both hosting events for just $5. Visit the links for dates and more info.



Photo: Steve Rainwater

Dollar Days at Trinity River Audubon Center |  August

Regardless if you’re a native to the Metroplex or a newer arrival, you wouldn’t be at fault for thinking our natural wonders consisted of the great plains of 635, the sculpted landscapes of the PGBT, and the exotic mystique of the North Dallas Tollway.

Just south of Dallas, however, we do have some of those tree things you’ve seen in movies. Real trees that aren’t even on fire.

Here’s you’re chance to escape the concrete jungle and be where humans are supposed to be – outside. Foraging for seeds and grubs optional (and likely looked down upon by the authorities).

Savvy Savings: $1 entry until August 31


$2 sundaes at Andy’s Frozen Custard | August 23 Only

Andy’s Frozen Custard has locations are popping up all over DFW and beyond. Their newest opening is in Grand Prairie TODAY.

So get out yer nice spoons out and get on it!

Savvy Savings: $2 sundaes on August 23 only at the new Grand Prairie location at 317 Westchase Dr.


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