Savvy Saver: Discounted ski trips, beer + Girl Scout cookies, and weather predicting rodents

Savvy Saver

Colorado wants more Texans to slide down their hills covered in frozen rain on sticks, beer and girl scout cookies, and

This week’s Savvy Saver 👇

Spring Break Skiing | Winter Park Resort | Colorado

Usually we’re coming at you with ways to have fun in the DFW area without having to pay a 21% APR on movie popcorn or something.

This week, however, we’re going big! Rigorous, scientific research has shown Texans to be one of the biggest groups to venture to Winter Park, and they’re offering a way to do that even cheaper.

Savvy Savings: 25% Off Lodging, Lift Tickets, and On-Mountain Tour (snowshoe, ski bike, or ski & ride mountain guide if you book by Feb. 10.



Girl Scout Cookie & Beer Pairing | Lonestar Taps & Caps | Jan. 25

I really want to know who’s job it was to sit down and match all of the Girl Scout Cookies to the appropriate beer. Do you need an advanced degree? Sommelier training? What?

Savvy Savings: Only $12



2nd Annual Groundhog’s Day | Dallas Arboretum | Feb. 2

Who needs Punxsutawney Phil when you’ve got Arboretum Annie?

Come early to the Dallas Arboretum and find out if winter is sticking around or if spring arrives in time. Resident groundhog prognosticator, Arboretum Annie, is on-site to predict the weather based on if she sees her shadow at sunrise, 7:22am.

Enjoy a full day of fun, starting with one complimentary coffee or hot chocolate, breakfast food vendor sales in the garden and, of course, a screening of the popular Bill Murray flick, Groundhog Day!

Savvy Savings: $17


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