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Let’s pretend it actually feels like autumn (the wine will help), get cultured in Plano, and yes – you’re an awful dog/cat parent for not vaccinating them but here’s how to get your life right.

Savvy Saver 👇

Bishop Arts Autumn Wine Walk | Oct. 3rd

Nothing says autumn is here more than a relaxing stroll in the neighborhood, sipping wine and enjoying the STILL OPPRESSIVELY HOT AIR OF FALL BECAUSE TEXAS AND THE WORLD IS ON FIRE.

But hey, wine.

Starting at 6PM, you can stroll through the district sampling hand-picked wine varieties. Many of the stores will keep their doors open late and will offer specials to shoppers and visitors.

Savvy Savings: $15 per glass if you get the tickets before hand.



Plano International Festival | Haggard Park | Sept. 28 – 29

Sure, the cynic could describe DFW as one big concrete slab of suburban hegemony with the occasional flare of originality in between the Starbucks.

But we’re not cynics and we’re here to say that DFW is a multicultural and diverse concrete slab of suburban hegemony with the occasional flare of originality in between the Starbucks. So there.

Seriously, the great thing about DFW is the fact that so many cultures and people call it home and Plano is throwing down to celebrate it.

Savvy Savings: Free admission AND parking!



Low Cost Pet Vaccines | Dallas Animal Services and Adoption Center | Oct. 3rd

This is a bit of a deviation from our usual focus of affordable things to do around Dallas / Fort Worth. It’s more along the lines of things you SHOULD do.

Every pet needs vaccines. It’s not uncommon to waltz into a vet’s office for routine vaccinations and walk out a few hundred dollars lighter and wondering if anyone would notice if you gave ol’ Fido a social security number and added him to you health insurance.

Here’s a better option than insurance fraud.

Savvy Savings: Cost varies on animal and need, but definitely cheaper than a typical vet visit.


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