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Movie tickets that don’t require you to put up collateral, Germany in Southlake, and friends don’t let friends pay full price at the State Fair Of Texas.

Savvy Saver 👇

$5 Movie Tickets  | Movie Tavern

Remember when you could go see a movie and gorge on popcorn and sugary wax for under $15?

Yeah, me either.

Movie Tavern’s have a nice little not-secret secret. On Tuesdays, they offer $5 tickets in addition to concession deals.

This is to the blockbusters too, not just for the college student film project being projected on a canvas out by the dumpster. It’s art, man.

Savvy Savings: $5 tickets on Tuesdays.



Southlake Oktoberfest | Oct. 4 – 6

Oktoberfests – Every city and town seems to have them. Some are worthy, others are just an excuse to swill beer that’s not even German.

Honorable mention here to Southlake because the town square is ripe for festivities and walkability.

Over 100,000 people are expected at this year’s Oktoberfest, which marks it’s 18th year.

Savvy Savings: Free admission AND parking!



State Fair of Texas | The Dr. Pepper Ticket

It’s almost seared into the collective consciousness of North Texans that rolling up at the State Fair with a Dr. Pepper can has some benefits. Here’s for those who aren’t “in” on it yet.

Not mentioned are the 1000 ways you’re a fool if you pay full price for a ticket given the myriad of ways you can get a discount ticket.

Savvy Savings: On Tuesdays, an empty Dr Pepper = 1/2 price ticket all day. After 5PM on other days when the can gets magical and get you in 1/2 off.


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