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Which floor lamps are best?

It’s amazing what a bit of extra light can do for a room. It can make it seem more cheerful, inviting and warm. With the right floor lamp, you can improve the atmosphere of your space even further by adding some style and personality. From basic designs to eye-catching centerpieces, there’s a floor lamp for every room and every style.

What to know before you buy a floor lamp

Floor lamp types

There are four main types of floor lamps.

  • Classic lamps direct most of their light downward. You can do this with a lampshade, but modern takes can eschew the direction.
  • Torchiere lamps direct most of their light upward. They often use a bowl-like shade that looks more modern, but with the right base and pole, you can bring it back toward an old-fashioned design.
  • Adjustable lamps alter in various ways. You will often see this in the form of a bendable gooseneck or height variations. These are usually function-focused, but that doesn’t mean they can’t have style.
  • Tree lamps have two or more lights, with each light branching out from the main pole. Tree lamp designs vary greatly, but a common element is each light is adjustable, both in direction and individual light options.

Light bulb

Before buying, always triple-check what kind of bulb your lamp needs. If the lamp uses a replaceable bulb, check to see if one is included or not. If the lamp uses a built-in bulb, check to see how long it’s rated to last, as these often can’t be replaced.

What are the best classic floor lamps to buy?

Best Partphoner Classic LED Floor Lamp

Partphoner Classic LED Floor Lamp

This modern floor lamp has three color temperatures it cycles through to match the mood or time of day. It uses a clear power cord and a foot power button.

Sold by Amazon

Best Tobusa Classic Floor Lamp

Tobusa Classic Floor Lamp

This lamp is modeled after antiques in every way, from the pole and base to the included shade and the pull-string power switch. It’s perfect if you want to improve the rustic charm of a room.

Sold by Amazon


What are the best torchiere floor lamps to buy?

Best Pesrae Torchiere Floor Lamp

Pesrae Torchiere Floor Lamp

The looks may be simple, but the functionality is quite versatile. It has an adjustable range of both color temperature and brightness. It comes with a remote and you can turn it on and off with a floor switch.

Sold by Amazon

Best Lightaccents Torchiere Floor Lamp

Lightaccents Torchiere Floor Lamp

This is old-fashioned, elegant and ideal to purchase in pairs for framing large areas, such as doorways and couches. It comes in two colors: bronze with a yellow shade and brushed nickel with a white shade.

Sold by Amazon

Best Zeefo Torchiere LED Floor Lamp

Zeefo Torchiere LED Floor Lamp

This lamp is a cross between classic and torchiere, as the light goes both upward and downward evenly. The big draw is that you can change its color by using the accompanying app or via voice command through a smart home assistant.

Sold by Amazon

What are the best adjustable floor lamps to buy?

Best Lepower Adjustable Floor Lamp

Lepower Adjustable Floor Lamp

This simple lamp is great for larger spaces, as the gooseneck lets you shift the light where you need it. It comes in six colors, including white, black and gold.

Sold by Amazon

Best Wio-Mio Adjustable Floor Lamp

Wio-Mio Adjustable Floor Lamp

This modern lamp is a good choice for rooms with a minimalist design theme. You can adjust the color temperature and brightness on the pole or by using an included remote. Plus, it comes in five colors.

Sold by Amazon

Best Vonluce Adjustable Floor Lamp

Vonluce Adjustable Floor Lamp

This lamp leans into the design of old industrial streetlights, making it a great accent piece for any room. Plus, you can adjust its height and the direction of the light.

Sold by Amazon

What are the best tree floor lamps to buy?

Best Brightech Trilage Arc Tree Floor Lamp

Brightech Trilage Arc Tree Floor Lamp

This lamp is about as close to resembling an actual tree as they come with its three evenly spaced but staggered height “branches.” It includes bulbs that are rated to last for up to 20 years.

Sold by Amazon

Best Folksmate Tree Floor Lamp

Folksmate Tree Floor Lamp

This tree lamp is all about options. It has two sets of shades, one white and one with five different colors, and each head has an adjustable gooseneck, which you can turn off and on individually.

Sold by Amazon

Best Brightech Saturn Tree Floor Lamp

Brightech Saturn Tree Floor Lamp

This post-modern take strains the definition of “tree,” but it is still a dazzling, attention-grabbing lamp. Plus, you can change brightness by taking the hoops on or off.

Sold by Amazon

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