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Which pop-up Christmas card is best?

The big benefit of receiving a pop-up Christmas card is that it doubles as a decoration to display after the message is received. There are many options for pop-up cards and there are plenty of ways to create one for yourself.

If you want high-quality printed pop-up visuals, 3D pop-up colorful Christmas greeting cards are the top choice. They come with envelopes and note cards so that you have everything you need to make a Christmas greeting and send it out.

What to know before you buy a pop-up Christmas card

Do you need it to pop up?

A 3D pop-up card is fun, but it may not be the best option. Note that pop-up cards weigh more than a regular greeting card and can take up more space, requiring larger envelopes. If the main goal of your card is to deliver a handwritten message, a pop-up visual could limit the space you have for writing.

Are you putting a gift inside?

Before you buy a pop-up Christmas card, check the dimensions and space that you will have inside. If the pop-up mechanism itself does not take up too much space, you may still be able to put a gift card, money or a check inside the card. Another option is to send a pop-up card with a gift in a larger package. 

How many do you need?

Assorted pop-up cards can be obtained in sets of a couple at once or you could buy individual pop-up cards. A 3D pop-up Christmas card is usually a little cheaper if you get multiple at a time. Do not worry about the cards all having the same design, because there are plenty of assorted card sets that you could use to send the important people in your life a distinct and personalized card.

What to look for in a quality pop-up Christmas card


Pop-up Christmas tree cards are a classic design that works for pretty much any recipient. If you are looking for pop-up cards for children, look for the more colorful or funny designs. Santa Claus designs are common, but have enough variation that you could probably find a character-focused pop-up design that is suitable.


The best pop-up Christmas cards fold down relatively flat and are not overly bulky when trying to mail them. It is also best for a pop-up to fold out as large as possible to really impress the receiver. Opening a Christmas card to find a huge pop-up design is a fun surprise that will be convenient to display with other Christmas decor.


A machine-printed pop-up card does not have the same feeling as handmade paper crafts. Depending on the type of feelings you want your card to create, consider the overall materials and style of the card. Adding a handwritten note is an important part of the process that will look different depending on the style and structure of a pop-up card. Regardless, it is crucial that the style is consistent and that the materials used are sturdy and durable to prevent accidental damage.

How much you can expect to spend on a pop-up Christmas card

An individual pop-up card will generally be under $5. You can also find sets of assorted cards for less if you purchase multiple at once.

Pop-up Christmas card FAQ

Can you make a pop-up card?

A. There are tons of DIY resources and tutorials online that can teach you how to make your own custom pop-up Christmas cards. The more complicated the design, the harder and more time-consuming it will be to handcraft. If you like arts and crafts projects and have the time this holiday season, making pop-up cards could not only be cost-effective, but serve as a fun family activity too.

How do pop-up cards work?

A. Depending on the mechanism and method used for constructing the card, pop-ups work in a few different ways. The main principle is that folded paper, sturdy enough to hold a shape, is attached to some type of tab or folding stand within the card that stands up straight when opened. Depending on the design, opening a card too far could result in the pop-up either bending or folding further, or potentially damaging the card if it is particularly delicate.

What’s the best pop-up Christmas card to buy?

Top pop-up Christmas card

3D pop up colorful Christmas greeting cards

3D Pop-Up Colorful Christmas Greeting Cards

What you need to know: These 3D pop-up cards have highly detailed printing and designs with many colors.

What you’ll love: It includes a pack of seven assorted cards. Most of the designs feature large Christmas trees. The paper is thick, colored printing material for brightly colored and sturdy pop-up Christmas tree visuals. The envelopes for the cards are included in the order if you need to mail the card.

What you should consider: Some of these pop-up designs are very large at the base, limiting the space for writing personal messages.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top pop-up Christmas card for the money

3D Christmas cards pop up greeting cards

3D Christmas Cards Pop-Up Greeting Cards

What you need to know: This affordable set of pop-up cards is more durable than some other options available.

What you’ll love: Of the seven styles included in this set, some are more traditional pop-up trees and gifts, while others feature Santa Claus driving different vehicles. The cards are printed on high-quality 300 gsm paper card stock. The designs are laser-cut and hand-assembled. The cards fold down pretty flat for easy mailing.

What you should consider: Some customers have reported receiving incorrect or missing components. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

3D greeting Christmas cards papercraft

3D Greeting Christmas Cards Papercraft

What you need to know: These handcrafted cards with limited color palettes offer the fun of a pop-up card while retaining a more traditional visual style.

What you’ll love: The set includes seven pop-up Christmas card designs. There is enough blank space on the cards to add important personal messages. The cards are useful as greetings and simple paper decor.

What you should consider: The cards are pretty heavy and may require some extra postage if you send them with more items added to the envelope. Check before you send.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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