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Which holiday cards are best?

The time of “Season’s Greetings” and “Happy Holidays” is coming fast. It’s never too soon to start preparing, and one of the simplest ways to let the important people in your life know you think of them is to send a holiday card. People celebrate different holidays, though, so it’s often easier to get nondenominational holiday cards rather than anything specific.

The best holiday cards are the Bluboon 3D Holiday Greeting Cards. Seven designs are included, and they pop up when the card is opened for a little extra pizzazz.

What to know before you buy holiday cards


Holiday cards come in several sizes but the most common are 4 by 6 inches and 5 by 7 inches. This is mainly to keep shipping and postage costs low, and especially to prevent extra charges if you add weight from things such as pictures or gift cards. It also helps prevent a card from looking awkwardly large.


Holiday cards come in just about any design you can think of. And if you think of it but can’t find it, you can always buy blank cards to create your own designs.

That said, there are some common hallmarks in holiday cards, borrowed mainly from Christmas themes such as reindeer, holly and Christmas trees, or even phrases including “Peace and joy.” When it isn’t Christmas-themed, it’s usually winter-weather-themed, with images such as snowflakes, or themed to other holidays, including Hanukkah.


Holiday cards typically come in packs. They can be as small as two or as large as 200-plus. Usually, the more cards included in a package the cheaper each card becomes. If you’re especially frugal, you can buy the largest package size possible, and it can last for years.

However, not all cards come in packs. Special and handmade cards are sold individually, but these can be surprisingly expensive.

What to look for in quality holiday cards


The best holiday cards include envelopes. This saves you time and effort, but most importantly, money. Most included envelopes are plain, usually white or brown. However, the best envelopes are just as fancy as the cards inside.


Some holiday cards have pre-printed messages, either on the outside, the inside or both. The messages are usually something generic such as “Happy Holidays” or “Season’s Greetings,” but they can also be more involved like those on birthday cards. Whether these messages are a good addition or a distraction is up to you.

Environmentally friendly

If you’re concerned about the potential waste of sending holiday cards, you can find environmentally friendly cards to lessen their effects. This friendliness usually comes from being made of recycled materials, but special plant-based inks are also a possibility. And, if you don’t want to make any impact at all, you can always send e-cards.

How much you can expect to spend on holiday cards

Most cards come in packs, so it’s best to look at the cost on a per-card basis. Basic cards typically cost no more than 25-50 cents, with better cards costing up to $1. Cards that are sold individually typically cost $1-$10.

Holiday cards FAQ

Who should I send holiday cards to?

A. That’s entirely up to you. Most people send cards to their close friends and family. Others also send some to their colleagues. At the very least, it’s nice to send a card to someone who sends a card to you each year.

When should I send out my holiday cards?

A. There’s not really a perfect time to send out holiday cards, but there are some general guidelines. The biggest is to start sending out cards shortly after Thanksgiving, usually no more than a week later. This should see the cards arrive with plenty of time to spare. If you want your cards to arrive as close to the holiday being celebrated by the recipient as possible, you need to mail them a few days before that holiday.

What are the best holiday cards to buy?

Top holiday cards

Best Bluboon 3D Holiday Greeting Cards

Bluboon 3D Holiday Greeting Cards

What you need to know: These are perfect if you want to go above and beyond with your impression.

What you’ll love: There are seven cards in the pack, each having a different design, and each design has a matching envelope. Most of the cards are blank for writing in a custom message. 

What you should consider: Most of the designs are meant for celebrating Christmas rather than being generically winter-themed. They’re heavy, so may need extra postage.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top holiday cards for the money

Best Sustainable Greetings Rustic Holiday Cards

Sustainable Greetings Rustic Holiday Cards

What you need to know: This 48-card set is great if you have many cards to send.

What you’ll love: It comes with six designs, each having eight cards. Plain brown envelopes are included. The interiors are blank for customization and the 4-by-6-inch size is just big enough for a family photo or a gift card.

What you should consider:  Most of the designs are Christmas-themed rather than generic holiday-themed. A few customers thought the cardstock used felt cheap. Others didn’t receive the full count of cards.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Best Amazon Gift Card In A Greeting Card

Amazon Gift Card in a Greeting Card

What you need to know: This greeting-and-gift card combo knocks out two birds with one stone.

What you’ll love: There are three Hanukkah and 16 Christmas or generic holiday themes to choose among. The gift card can have any denomination between $10-$2,000. You can include a custom message at no extra cost and you can ship the card directly to your intended recipient.

What you should consider: Only Amazon gift cards are available. The customized message is printed on the packing slip, not inside the card. Some cards arrived damaged.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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