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Which funny Christmas card is best?

There are so many ways to spread Christmas joy during the holiday season, a simple kindness toward a stranger, giving gifts to family and friends, and sending cards expressing wishes for peace, love and happiness in the year to come.

The messages in cards can vary as much as the people you are sending them to. Choosing the right card and sentiment for the right person is part of what makes sending and receiving the well-wishes a cherished part of holiday giving. If you’re looking for just the right funny Christmas card to tickle the fancy of someone with a particularly robust funny bone, DarkroomandDearly cards are the top choice.

What to know before you buy funny Christmas cards

Funny bone 

When buying and sending a funny Christmas card, you should consider the recipient well. Everyone’s sense of humor is different and the last thing you want to do when sending a holiday greeting is to offend or insult. Funny Christmas cards are typically benign, offering up puns and witty-wordplay to incite a chuckle or downright laugh.


The message on the outside and inside of the card should match the spirit of the season. Christmas is a religious holiday that celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ, which gives the holiday a serious tone. Funny Christmas cards typically avoid the more religious messages of the holiday and opt instead for lighthearted jabs or references to the fun and merry traditions of the season.


Consider how far your message has to travel and order or purchase the card giving it ample time to reach its recipient before the end of the holiday season. You may also want to think about the technical savvy of the receiver if you choose to send your funny Christmas card by email rather than by a traditional postal service.

What to look for in a quality funny Christmas card

Image quality 

The card’s images inside and out should be crisp and clear and reflect the message of the words accompanying them. For a funny Christmas card, the images should be bright and cheery. Whether black and white with pops of color or a festive mix of green, red, gold and silver, the image should sparkle with the joy that the Christmas message is meant to deliver. Type should be bold and crisp. You can also find cards with large print, cards written in braille, and musical messages for friends and family who might need a little help reading your holiday greetings.

Paper stock

What the card is printed on says a lot about its quality. Cards on thin paper stock are generally relinquished to the homemade versions that have their appeal. Cards printed on a heavily weighted cardstock are usually higher quality allowing ink to appear crisp, clear and colors seem vibrant and true. Cardstock comes in a variety of weights and colors. Weight shouldn’t be too thick to make it difficult to mail, and color should not detract from the images’ type or colors. 


Felt, gloss, linen, metallic and smooth, cards can incorporate any one or multiple finishes. Finishes add to the fun of a funny Christmas card. A metallic finish on Christmas balls, a felt finish on the Grinch’s outfit or a glossy finish on Santa’s boots add to the fun. It’s not the number of finishes but the enhancements they give to images and the feelings they conjure for the lucky receiver.

How much you can expect to spend on a funny Christmas card

You can expect to pay an average of $2-$5 for a single funny Christmas card. Packages can be more economical at about $15-$30, depending on how many are in the bundle. Packaged cards offer a mix of funny and sentimental cards, making it easy to find a card for any recipient.

Funny Christmas card FAQ

Where was the first Christmas card printed in the U.S.?

A. The first U.S. Christmas card was printed in Boston in 1875.

What image was printed on the first Christmas card?

A. The first Christmas card did not have an image that has become synonymous with the season like snow-dusted trees, a sleigh, Santa Claus or snowmen. The card depicted a single flower and simply read “Merry Christmas.”

What’s the best funny Christmas card to buy?

Top funny Christmas card

DarkroomandDearly/Funny Reindeer Games Christmas card

DarkroomandDearly/Funny Reindeer Games

What you need to know: This funny Christmas card is handmade, printed on cardstock with black and colored ink that is bright and vibrant. The card is suitable for recipients of all ages.

What you’ll love: The card shows three reindeer around the table playing cards, and the saying is a witty pun about reindeer games.

What you should consider: Think about ordering this funny Christmas card early because the popularity of the card could make it harder to get the closer you get to the holiday.

Where to buy: Sold by Etsy

Top funny Christmas card for money

CovetedCards/Funny Christmas Card - Let's Get Lit. Glitter Christmas Tree Card

CovetedCards Let’s Get Lit. Glitter Christmas Tree Card

What you need to know: This funny Christmas card is handmade in Canada, digitally printed on cardstock and handcrafted using craft paper and glitter. 

What you’ll love: The multitude of design elements used to construct this funny Christmas card makes it festive and fun. The happy face printed on the tree will get a giggle out of anyone. The card is available in packs. 

What you should consider: Glitter can fall off the card and stick to skin, clothes and surfaces. The saying limits the recipients you might want to send the card to, implying the indulgence of adult beverages.

Where to buy: Sold by Etsy

Worth checking out

Hallmark/Shoebox Funny Boxed Christmas Cards Assortment, Festive Cartoons

Hallmark/Shoebox Funny Boxed Christmas Cards Assortment, Festive Cartoons

What you need to know: This is a box of assorted funny Christmas cards with four designs and 24 in each pack.

What you’ll love: Besides the funny characters and sayings incorporated on each of the four designs, all Hallmark greeting cards are made with paper from well-managed forests, making them environmentally friendly.

What you should consider: The funny Christmas cards can be edgy and irreverent. They are witty takes on life that are timely and hilarious but can be inappropriate for some recipients.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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