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TARRANT COUNTY — It’s the virus that looks like it’ll be a pest all summer. On Friday, Tarrant County Public Health identified another case of the Zika virus. It’s the fourth case reported in the county this year.

This is also the second case that involves someone with a travel history to Puerto Rico.

With the potential for the virus to get even worse, it’s natural that people would want to protect themselves from getting bitten, but it’s taking a bigger bite out of our budgets. According to data analytics firm 1010data, the average price for bug spray purchased online is over 12 bucks — a 23% increase from last year.

Popular brands like OFF! and Raid have seen increases of 33 and 39-cents, respectively, within the past year. But a spokesman from S.C. Johnson, the manufacturer of both brands, claims the company hasn’t raised prices.

With Americans having already spent over $60 million on insect repellent this year, it looks like this is a good time to be in the bug spray business.

And with the worst of mosquito season yet to come, it doesn’t look like this is an investment you can afford to skip.