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DALLAS — When it comes to school cafeteria food, let’s just say it often fails to satisfy our taste buds. But on Thursday, that wasn’t the case at Wilmer-Hutchins High School in Dallas. Top student chefs Jeremy Tazano and Paloma Quiroga served up a gourmet meal that even The Breakfast Club would envy.

The menu featured a chicken Parmesan sandwich, green beans, grape tomatoes and banana dip bites.

“We wanted Italian food, so we tried to step away from the usual school food and make it fun and enjoyable,” Quiroga told NewsFix.

Jeremy and Paloma won this year’s Cooking Up Change Competition, and they’re set to go to D.C. to compete in the national finals next month!

But before they present their award-winning cuisine to Congress, they were judged by their peers.

“Well, kids are very hard judges, so very nervous to see what they think of our food,” Quiroga explained.

The duo’s side dishes will also be available district-wide Friday to celebrate Fresh Attitude Week — a program that encourages students to eat fruits and veggies.

“It’s taught us how to eat healthy,” Tazano added. “It’s something that not only us but all teens and all children can learn from.”

That’s food for thought.