YouTuber Jake Paul and Disney part ways after neighborhood controversy

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LOS ANGELES, CA — Just days after a popular Youtuber and Disney star jumped on a news truck, Jake Paul told his social media following his days as Dirk on Disney’s show “Bizaardvark” are over.

After his announcement, Jake posted on his Youtube channel to explain, “For Disney, for me, we came to this mutual agreement of it’s best for us to part ways.”

He told Twitter he had “outgrown the channel” and wants to “take more adult acting roles.”

Jake has recently made headlines for causing havoc in and around the house he shares with other social media creators. Not only do they do things like set furniture on fire, Jake also rides dirt bikes in the street, has fans who stand outside, and that’s barely scratching the surface, and says it’s all for his eight million plus subscribers on YouTube, called the “Jake Paulers.”

Jake told KTLA, “Honestly it’s a bad situation. I feel bad for them for sure. There’s nothing we can do though, the Jake Paulers are the strongest army out there.”

Neighbors are really fed up with the shenanigans and are threatening him with a lawsuit.

One neighbor said, “We used to be a really nice quiet street and now we’re just this war zone. We’re families here, and we’re more than happy to have them live here if they`re respectful of their neighbors, but they’re not.”

Jake insists the drama with his neighbors isn’t the reason he left Disney, possibly even vice-versa, but the timing is a little coincidental don’t you think?

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