Fox News Fires Stacey Dash & Twitter Loves It

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NEW YORK CITY — Stacey Dash is trending on Twitter, and this time, it’s not because she said something deemed crazy.

Fox News fired the controversial “Clueless” actress turned political pundit. The network declined to renew her contract, but didn’t say why.


To make matters worse, it happened on inauguration day, which also happened to be Stacey’s 50th birthday.

Psst… you need to update your Twitter bio. You don’t work there anymore.

Stacey had been with Fox since 2014. During that time, she managed to insult just about everyone with questionable comments about race, gender and sexual orientation — like the time she said transgender people should use bushes for bathrooms.

Twitter is going HAM!

Hey, maybe now Ms. Clueless will finally get a clue.

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