You’re Deported! Trump Unveils Immigration Reform Plan

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WASHINGTON, DC — Turns out, Donald Trump’s immigration plan is pretty simple.

“They have to go,” Trump said Sunday on “Meet the Press” while outlining his hot off the press policy called “Immigration Reform That Will Make America Great Again.”

“We either have a country or we don’t have a country,” Trump said.

If elected, Trump says he’ll deport all undocumented workers. But don’t worry, he’ll keep families together by deporting their kids too.

That’s right, Trump says he’ll get rid of “Birthright Citizenship” that makes anyone a legal citizen if you’re born here.

Yeah, you’re gonna have to get rid of the 14th Amendment too, buddy.

Trump also promises he’ll build a giant wall on the U.S. border and make Mexico pay for it.

“Nobody’s going through my wall. It’s gonna be strong, It’s gonna be solid, it’s gonna be policed,” Trump explained. “Somebody said they could tunnel under. Well, that’s true. But with x-ray equipment, they can’t. All you have to do is fly a drone over it.”

Well, Monday morning Trump had to deal with a wall of reporters outside the Manhattan Supreme Court. Yeah, guess who was ordered to report for jury duty?

Trump took time off the campaign trail and fist bumped his way inside. No word yet if he’ll be picked to hand out justice, Trump style.

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