Nectar— Spring’s here and your allergies are flaring up badly. Here’s an allergy solution you won’t regret.

There is no clear answer to why allergies happen but there is a solution to fix them. Nectar’s Chief Medical Officer and allergist, Dr. Shyam Joshi, spoke with Inside DFW about what Nectar can do for people who suffer from allergies.

Traditionally people use a nasal spray, or tablets as a quick fix but doesn’t solve the problem, Dr, Joshi suggests therapy that could train the immune system and can develop tolerance. The therapy is usually done in allergic shots, which can be inconvenient if you have to drive or make an appointment.

Nectar is eliminating coming into the office and offering those same sessions right at your front door. You take the drops right underneath the tongue which can offer the same immune training.

Dr. Joshi’s position allows him to ensure all of our patients receive the highest standard of medical care by following international guidelines and evidence-based practices.

The doctor also mentioned Nectar, is really trying to step in and fill the void, with having a limited about of allergy-solving options for people.

The whole thing is online, you can order a testing kit to see if you qualify and to find out what customized solutions work for you. When you get your kit back, you’ll talk to a specialist, to go over your test results and eligibility. Once approved you will receive your customized order.

Find more about this allergic solution on the Nectar website.