Young Women Trading Thongs for Granny Panties

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DALLAS – Hey, don’t sleep on granny! There are some things she can teach us all. And ladies, it starts in your lingerie drawer. Seriously, researchers say the thong is as played out as Sisqo.

Millennial women are choosing to rock comfy granny panties over those annoying dental floss undies.

Thong sales have dropped while boy shorts, high-waist briefs and granny panties sales have grown by 17%, according to research company NPD.

The trend may put a new ring to those #belfie pics on Instagram. Maybe now women can upload pics with their bums a little more covered.

Feminist unite!

Hey, that’s just how the fashion cycle works. One minute the grannies are in, and the next minute ladies will be pulling them out like a big booty bite.

But, what do the boys think about the girls making the brief switch?

Ha! Who cares?! Ladies, go ahead and get your granny on!

And if your man doesn’t like it, just ask him why his panties are in a bunch.

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