Yoga greatly reduces high blood pressure, new research says

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Could downward dog be the new drug-free solution to high blood pressure? Some are saying, 'Yes!'

High blood pressure is the single biggest trigger of heart disease and stroke, according to the U.S. Department of Health, and around 12,000,000 adults are taking prescription drugs to treat their high blood pressure. Well now, new research suggests Yoga could greatly reduce blood pressure.

New research suggests that just 15 minutes of Yoga daily can reduce blood pressure so significantly, people can eventually ditch prescription blood pressure drugs.  I reached out to a Yogi and a medical doctor to get the details.

"I'm so glad this is finally coming to the forefront of people's minds and they are paying attention," Yogi Becca Menhart says. Menhart is a certified Yoga instructor and owner of the Stretch Zone in Dallas.

"When your nervous system is in a state that is relaxed -- getting centered, i.e. coming to Yoga class -- putting your to-do list away and instead, just quieting down and listening to your own body, your blood pressure can go down," she says.

John Roland, an emergency room doctor of 20 years and now a functional medicine practitioner, agrees. "Yoga and any kind of regular relaxation technique is certainly going to help lower blood pressure," Dr. Roland says.

It's a revelation that also has social media buzzing.

Now, if you don't have time for Yoga, Becca says don't worry, you can still implement similar practices that take less time. "As Yoga goes, a lot of us don't even have an hour every day, but we do have 5-10 minutes, when we first wake up in the morning, of just sitting and being mindful. Listening to a quite song. Just settling down," she says.

Dr. Roland agrees, but urges people to consult a doctor before you stop taking blood pressure medications. "Implement Yoga or Tai Chi or meditation -- whatever it is -- and then consult your doctor about reducing medications," Dr. Roland says.

We want to know what you think! Hit us up on social media and let us know if you have ever practiced yoga or another type of mindfulness and seen your blood pressure drop!


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